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What to Expect?

More and more doctors and hospitals are prescribing Massage Therapy as a form of Pain Management, increased mobility and peace for the mind without the side effects of prescription medication.

Massage Therapy can help with any population such as: Expectant Mothers, Infants, Children, Teenagers,

Elderly, Disabled, Special needs population and even Athletes.

Recent studies have shown that massage has helped with: 



Fatigue (Insomnia) 




Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral Palsy

It is not recognized anymore as leisure.  If anything, it is now being used as preventative care and maintenance. 

•  On your first session, we will discuss your health history and determine what are your goals.

•  You will be properly draped and I will confirm that the pressure is comfortable

•  I use my own blend of massage oils and cremes based on your health history.

•  If needed, topical gels and cremes are used such as Biofreeze, Tiger Balm and or Sombra in conjunction with the massage. These elements help allow the muscles to open up and relax. 

•  If needed, a heating pad with a TENS unit will also be used directly on the problem area to allow the tightness to open up and to allow proper blood flow. 

•  If mobility is limited, I often stretch the arms and legs.

Upon completion of your massage, we will do a complete postural evaluation and will discuss if proper ergonomics are being utilized at work, home, in the car and while sleeping.

•  Based on what was discussed and what I determined during the massage, I will prescribe specific exercises and or stretches as homework until your next session.


If the treatment plan is followed through in conjunction with a regular Massage routine, the results will be amazing and you will be on the road to a more mobile, Pain-Free life.

I look forward to be a part of your change.. 



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