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Hello, my name is Giovanna Spata.  I discovered the therapeutic effects of massage through my own journey to health.   I worked for many years as a high stress production manager with responsibilities that didn’t stop, 24/7.  Like most of us, my body felt the stress of rushed or poor eating habits, not enough sleep, non-existent exercise and tension held in my muscles.   Although I felt that I was happy with my life, I always knew that it was a “job” and not a calling.  As I became aware of the toll that this lifestyle took on my body and saw the same in my friends and peers, I started to look for ways to heal myself and help others lead a better life.  

I began to explore the healing arts and discovered the pleasure and healing that massage offered.   I found that I experienced not only physical but mental and emotional benefits from regular massage.   This led to a radical and unexpected decision – to leave my secure career and become a certified Massage Therapist.   I know that I had found my calling.

And this was just the start of a wonderful transformation in my life.    As I worked towards my certification, I was thrilled to discover a whole new approach to health and happiness.  I received my Massage Certification at UEI College and would like to share this wonderful healing art with you. 

It’s natural for me to be a caregiver; it has been my life in so many ways.  My autistic brother first brought this out in me; I have cared for him my whole life.  I nurtured my father through depression, alcoholism and finally through a cancer that took his life. I have worked with my very dear friend whom has MS. It’s always been the people I love that give my life meaning and my care giving a priority.  

My choice to become a massage therapist is my way of expanding my ability to help my family and my community. Throughout my training, I have learned the many benefits of massage and am eager to share them with the people in my life and expand to share with the larger community.

And of course, there are few things in life more pleasurable than a great massage.   You feel the pleasure; your body experiences the healing. 

Allow me to be part of your life by sharing my knowledge, passion and nurturing.   


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