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  • I have had the pleasure of having a few massages and some energy work from Ms. Spata and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience.  She has a natural talent for massage and a compassionate heart for healing. - Susan J.
  • " At first I was hesitant to get a massage because of my back injuries, but Giovanna talked with me about my concerns and worked with my injuries. My massage experience with Giovanna was everything you'd expect from a professional." - Tina 
  • Speaking as both a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse, as well as a Client of Giovanna Spata, I highly recommend her services for your Massage Therapy needs. Professional, knowledgable and competent, Giovanna utilizes a variety of techniques to ensure that her clients get the therapeutic results they desire. I have been particularly struck by Ms. Spata's knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body. With this knowledge she is able to determine the origin of the client's discomfort and address it. Her massages are soothing and therapeutic and provide great relief. I recommend her services without reservation.  - E.S.

  • Giovanna is a dedicated and knowledgeable massge therapist.  I have suffered from splitting headaches due to neck and shoulder tension, and Ms. Spata has increased the quality of my life, because now I'm not in pain, because every two weeks or so, when the tension builds up from my job teaching high school English, I make an appointment, and I can tell you, she knows what she's doing.  I cannot recommend her throrough work highly enough.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at asb0950@lausd.net and I would be more than happy to personally recommend her. My one-hour massage (at an affordable price) is one of my few luxuries on a teacher's budget.  It's worth every penny. I am so grateful to have had her recommended to me through Young Chung.  It's the first time in years I haven't had tension headaches for days on end. -Angela Blewitt, MA

  • Giovanna is a compassionate and well-trained massage therapist.  The massages I received from her were excellent. I recommend her highly! - Jennifer C.
  • I highly recommend Giovanna for therapeutic massage.  Her massages are tailored to the individual and does not feel like a predictable sequence of movements as is the case with many new therapists.  Her blend of professionalism and personability creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients.  I have had a previous back injury that requires physical therapy and have used and continue to use Giovanna for therapeutic massage as an ancillary support to my recovery.  She has demonstrated knowledge and skill in working with problem areas. - Mary Ann H
  • Giovanna has magical hands that work out all my aches and pains. She has precision fingers getting deep into the muscles. She is a joy to be around and I feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I keep going back to her as often as I can, not just to work on problem areas, but also to relax. When she isn't working on my chronic back problem areas, I'll ask her to just give me the Spa treatment complete with aroma therapy and very relaxing music by candle light. She is a delight! - Candace S.
  • Had a deep tissue massage from Giovanna, and it was one of the best I've ever had. Although a relatively new therapist, Giovanna has a natural instinct and addressed all the problem areas like a pro.  Her rates are a steal - highly recommended, especially for those new to home massage.  She makes you feel comfortable and the service is amazing! - Jill B.
  • I really have enjoyed the massages from Giovanna.  She is very understanding of the physical ailments and listens to the needs of the customer!!  The aromatherapy and music is so relaxing, it is the best massage and well worth every cent! - Monica O


  • Don't let the statue of this petite beauty fool you......she is STRONG!!  I enjoy a massage that gets me sore for a day or so....she had me thinking about  my massage for a week!!  I'm from out of town and can't wait to return to the very capable hands of Ms. Spata. She has natural talent and obvious passion! I would gladly recommend her to anyone!!!- Yvette M


  • About 4 months ago, I was looking for a Masseuse for my neck and shoulder pain.  Since meeting Giovanna, I couldn't imagine life w/out my monthly massages.  She is definitely a natural.  I leave feeling relaxed and happy.  I love her therapeutic massages as well as her deep tissue.  And I'm really looking forward to her pregnancy massages.  I also love that she's local because I can meet w/ her for my lunch hour if needed.   
If you a looking for a talented masseuse who is definitely a cut above the rest, do give Lady G a call.  You will not regret it!!!! – Nicole M
  • Giovanna is the one with the "Magic Hands."  The calm and relaxation I felt was incredible.  I had a full body deep tissue and relaxation combo massage since I do workout weekly.  It was on of a kind.  I am for sure going back, next time for a facial.  I heard about her couples massage too that includes catered food, wine, dessert and WOW!!!  It's even at your house.  So cool.  You have to try her, or your missing out. – Desiree V


  • G spa, is by far the best in massage, offering affordable packages, and home services that are top knotch.  I highly suggest G-Spa to you yelpers, and locas.  
The Best!! – Tina M


  • There are a series of compliments I would like to pay to Giovanna and her level of skill and service.

 Firstly she is a very talented massage therapist and knows how to use maximum leverage to really work out knotted muscles.  Secondly I am very impressed by her warmth and likability which i think speaks volumes about her natural fit as a healer.  Finally i want to comment on her value, I feel that for the level of service she provides her prices are not only fair but they are a bargain.

I would recommend Giovanna to anyone and have recommended her to everyone i can. 

    – Jason S







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